How it works?

Unlock the secret of Qondor technology!

Qondor has developed a global digital solution

built for your daily uses and those of your customers, robust and non-intrusive, that relies on 3 pillars

Qlip: a connected sensor

unique and innovative that fastens to the golfers bag and locate it anonymously

A platform

that, thanks to ML and AI, analyze data and transform them into services

Web and mobile app

for golf staff to access these services and manage them

Qlip: a connected sensor

imagined to make it forget

15 months of research & development

to answer golf practice requirements

Tens of rounds without charging it

and no handling needed at the start or the end of a round

Worldwide technology

available in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, ...

Compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

A platform

boosted with the most recent technologies

Digital tech market leaders

assure us a solid, secured, scalable and durable base

Artificial intelligence

transforms data into services for golf courses and golfers

Machine learning

offers, as the number of rounds played progresses, data even more relevant

Very high availability of Qondor services for golf courses and golfers

Web & mobile app

accessible everywhere and on all devices

A user-friendly interface

designed to simplify the access to information

An intelligible report

of data generated by the sensors

Daily business decisions

impacting on occupancy rate and profitability of your course as well as golfers satisfaction

No waste of time for you or your staff

A seamless experience