The team

Behind Qondor, a tandem of passionate experts

Their mission: Unleash golf

It's during a meeting at the end of January 2020 as part of Réseau Entreprendre Nord, that Qondor project is born.

Antoine, talking about his research and development work in electronics and platform for geolocating assets, Benoit has quickly made the connection with use cases in golf practice that he has identified some years ago.

Actually, Benoit, golf enthusiast, harboring frustrations as a player, saw some answers in the tech vision developed by Antoine.

Thanks to Antoine's 10 years of experience at Decathlon serving sport users, frustrations benchmark, ideas and offers imagined by Benoit were quickly structured to evaluate their relevance to the market.

It's thanks to many interviews with golf managers and a survey answered by more than 400 players, that project basics have been confirmed, especially by encouraging endorsement letters from golf managers.

Benoit LESUR

Co-founder & CEO

Business development enthusiast, entrepreneur at heart, Benoit created his first companies in 2003 and 2004.

Then, he reinforces his understanding of organisations by integrating managing committees and leading important P&L within digital companies (HP, Ares, Econocom, Visiativ).

He is strategic, pragmatic, passionate and customer oriented.

That is how he continuously brings new ideas, creates new services and business models.

Among his best achievements:

  • opening of French speaking markets (Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland) for a foreign company that became a major operator
  • building an organisation with 150 people in 2 years

It's also in this spirit that Benoit shares his experiences by guiding startups in the development of their company either voluntarily via Réseau Entreprendre Nord or with his consultant activities.

Antoine DURAND

Co-founder et CTO

What describes Antoine, it's create value through useful technologies, solve problems and give rise to new usages.

He has put his beliefs at Decathlon's service during 10 years leading international teams and intrapreneur projects in digital innovation for tens of thousands of colleagues and hundreds of thousands of sport users.

Antoine also had a chance to work in London. That allows him to have a good knowledge of culture and values extolled on the other side of the Channel.

Back to France, he particularly created Decathlon Labs: a research and development lab where the future of digital for retail is imagined.

To do all this, Antoine surrounded himself with developers and project managers to deploy these innovations in many countries around the world (including China, Russia, Hong-Kong, Brazil, etc.) each one of them with its own customer experience specifics.

Within Qondor, Antoine leads technical roadmap and strategy.

Their duo is a strong and very experienced tandem, based on optimum complementarity and temperaments serving the company strategy.

Qondor finds in this way a perfect balance between ambition and operations.